My Blog Postings on Reiki

mikao usuiMy Blog Postings on Reiki

Introduction to reiki

learn about reiki

Japanese system reiki and its simplicity and  benefits

Manual of Reiki

Japanese Healing System Reiki

uses of Reiki

What is Reiki and How it Works

Miracle of Reiki

The divine reiki

Reiki – the divine healing energy

five principles of reiki

Reiki healing – an experience

Reiki energy

Karuna Reiki fundamentals

Reiki for Safety and Security

Activate your Swadhistan chakra

Activate your Manipur Chakra by Reiki

Activate Your Love by Divine Reiki

Reiki in Communication and expression

Rejuvenate your third eye by reiki

Spirituality with Reiki – The Crown Chakra

Is charging money compulsory for giving Reiki

Maintaining a clear Reiki Channel


One Response to “My Blog Postings on Reiki”

  1. Reiki in Edinburgh Says:

    Some excellent info here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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