Chapter XIV part II of You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life CHAPTER XIV – PART II 

contd from Part I ……..


That which belongs to you cannot be taken from you, so relax.

THE FINGERS each have meaning. Problems in the fingers show where you need to relax and let go. If you cut your index finger, there is probably anger and fear that has to do with your ego in some current situation. The thumb is mental and represents worry. The index finger is the ego and fear. The middle finger has to do with sex and with anger. When you are angry, hold your middle finger and watch the anger dissolve. Hold the ritht finger if your anger is at a man and the left if it is at a woman. The ring finger is both unions and grief. The left if it is at a woman. The ring finger is both unions and frief. Th little finger has to do with the family and pretending.

THE BACK represents our support system. Problems with the back usually mean we feel we are not being supported. Too often we think we are only supported by our job or by our family or spouses. In realilty, we are totally supported by the Universe, by Life itself.

The upper back has to do with feeling the lack of emotional support. My husband/wife/lover/friend/boss doesn’t understand me or support me.

The middle back has to do with guilt. All that stuff that is in back or us. Are you afraid to see what is back there, or are you hiding what is back there? Do you feel stabbed in the back?

Do you feel real “burnt out”? are your finances in a mess, or do you worry about them excessively? Then your lower back my be bothering you. The lack of money or the fear of money will do it. The amount you have has nothing to do with it.

So many of us feel that money is the most important thing in our lives, and that we could not live without it. This is not true. There is something far more important and precious to us without which we could not live. What is that? It is our breath.

Our breath is the most precious substance in our lives, and yet we totally take for granted when we exhale that our next breath will be there. If we did not take another breath, we would not last three minutes. Now if the Power that created us has given us enough breath to last for as long as we shall live, can we not trust that everything else we need will also be supplied?

THE LUNGS represent our capacity to take in and give out life. Problems with the lungs usually mean we are afraid to take in life, or perhaps we feel we do not have the right to live life fully.

Woman have traditionally been very shallow breathers and have often thought of themselves as second-class citizens who did not have the right to take up space and sometimes not even the right to live. Today, this is changing. Women are taking their place as full members of society and breathing deeply and fully.

It pleases me to see women in sports. Women have always worked in the fields; but this the first time in history, as far as I know, that women have gone into sports. It is wonderful to see the magnificent bodies that are emerging.

Emphysema and heavy smoking are ways of denying life. They mask a deep feeling of being totally unworthy of existing. Scolding will not change the habit of smoking. It is the basic belief that must change first.

THE BREASTS represent the mothering principle. When there are problems with the breasts, it usually means we are “over mothering” either a person, or place, a thing, or an experience.

Part of mothering process is to allow the child to “grow up.” We need to know when to take our hands off, when to turn over the reins and let them be. Being overpositive does not prepare the other person to handle his or her own experience. Sometimes out “overbearing” attitudes literally cut off nourishment in a situation.

If cancer is involved, then there is also deep resentment. Release the fear and know the Intelligence of the Universe resides in each one of us.

THE HEART, of course, represent love, while our blood represents joy. Our hearts lovingly pump joy throughout our bodies. When we deny ourselves joy and love, the heart shrivels and becomes cold. As a result, the blood gets sluggish, and we creep our way to ANEMIA, ANGINA, and HEART ATTACKS.

The heart does not “attack” us. We get so caught up in the soap opera and dramas we create that we often forget to notice the little joys that surround us. We spend years squeezing all the joy out of the heart, and it literally falls over in pain. Heart attack people are never joyous people. If they do not take the time to appreciate the joys of life, they will just recreate another heart attack in time.

Heart of gold, cold heart, open heart, black heart, loving heart, warmhearted – where is your heart?

THE STOMACH digests all the new ideas and experiences we have. What or who can’t you stomach? What gets you in the gut?

When there are stomach problems, it usually means we don’t know how to assimilate the new experience. We are afraid.

Many of us remember when commercial airplanes first became popular. That we could get inside a big metal tube that would carry us safely through the sky was a new idea we found hard to assimilate.

At every seat, there were throw-up bags, and most of us were using them. We would throw up into our barf bags as discreetly as we could, wrap them up and hand them to the stewardess, who spent a lot of her time running up and down the aisle collecting them.

Now it is many years later, and though the bags are still at every seat, they are seldom used. We have assimilated the idea of flying.

ULCERS are no more than fear — tremendous fear of “not being good enough.” We fear not being good enough for a parent, we fear not being good enough for a boss. We can’t stomach who we are. We rip our guts apart trying to please others. No matter how important our job is, our inner self-esteem is very low. We are afraid they will find out about us.

THE GENITALS  represents the most feminine part of a woman, her femininity, or the most masculine part of a man, his masculinity; our masculine principle or our feminine principle.

When we do not feel comfortable with being either a man or a woman, when we reflect our sexuality, when we reject our bodies as dirty or sinful, then we often have problems in the genital area.

I seldom come across a person who was reared in a household where the genitals and their functions were called by their right names. We all grew up with euphemisms of one sort of another. Remember the ones your own family used? It could have been as mild as “down there,” to names that made you feel your genitals were dirty and disgusting. Yes, we all grew up believing that something was not quite right between our legs.

I feel the sexual revolution that exploded several years ago was in one way a good thing. We were moving away from Victorian hypocrisy. Suddenly it was okay to have many partners, and women became more open. Many of us began to enjoy the pleasure and freedom of our bodies in a new and open way.

However few of us thought to deal with what Roza Lamont, founder of the Self-Communication Institute, calls “Mama’s God.” Whatever your mother taught you about God when you were three years old is still there in your subconscious mind UNLESS you have done some conscious work to release it. Was that God an angry avenging God? What did that God feel about sex? If we are still those early guild feelings about our sexuality and our bodies, then we are surely going to create punishment for ourselves.

BLADDER problems, ANAL problems, VAGINITIS, and PROSTATE and PENIS problems all come under the same area. They stem from distorted beliefs about our bodies and the correctness of their functions.

Every organ in our body is a magnificent expression of life with its own special functions. We don not think of our livers or our eyes as dirty or sinful. Why do we then choose to believe our genitals are?

The anus is as beautiful as the ear. Without our anus we would have no way to release what the body no longer needs, and we would die very quickly. Every part of our body and every function of our body is perfect and normal, natural, and beautiful.

I ask clients with sexual problems to begin to relate to their rectum, penis, or vagina with a sense of love and appreciation for their function and their beauty. If you are beginning to cringe of get irate as you read this, ask yourself why. Our sexual organs were created as the most pleasurable part of our body to give us pleasure. To deny this is to create pain and punishment. Sex is not only okay, it is glorious and wonderful. It is as normal for us to have sex as it is for us to breathe or eat

Just for a moment try to visualize the vastness or the Universe. It is beyond our comprehension. Even our top scientists with their latest equipment cannot measure its size. Within this Universe there are many galaxies.

In one of these smaller galaxies in a far-off corner, there is a minor sun. Around this sun a few pinpoints revolve, one of which is called Planet Earth… watching my genitals!

Yet so many of us were taught this concept as a child.

It is vital that we release foolish, outmoded ideas that do not support us and nourish us. I feel strongly that even our concept of God needs to be one that is for us, not against us. There are so many different religions to choose from. If you have one now that tells you that you a sinner and a lowly worm, get another one.

I am not advocating that everybody run around having free sex at all times. I am saying that some of our rules do not make sense, and this is why so many people break them and become hypocrites.

When we remove sexual guilt from people and teach them to love and respect themselves, then they will automatically treat themselves and others in ways that are for their highest good and greatest joy. The reason we have so many problems with our sexuality now is because so many of us have self-hatred and self-disgust, and so we treat ourselves and others badly.

It is not enough to teach children in school and mechanics of sexuality. We need on a very deep level to allow children to remember that their bodies, genitals, and sexuality are something to rejoice about. I truly believe that people who love themselves and their bodies will not abuse themselves or others.


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