Reiki in Communication and Expression


Reiki in Communication and Expression.

It’s the fifth chakra and it resonates to the color blue…

A beautiful turquoise or sky blue. So just looking at a clear blue sky will help energise it.


kundalinilThis chakra lies in your throat region – roughly in the area of our larynx.

This is chakra of communication and expression.

And the fact that communication is the buzz word of the 21st century, is no accident either. For this is, energetically speaking, the level where the world is at right now.

The world’s own evolution is in its fifth chakra too.

But even though we are in this age of communication, not many people really know how to do it yet.

Information is shoved indiscriminately down our throats, all day long, so to speak. TV, radio, computers, books, newspapers, magazines, billboards etc.

Everybody and everything is yatter, yatter, yatter… and what happens – nothing – you just switch off.

It gets like you’re walking around in ear muffs and blinkers. Numbed to the world, not hearing or seeing anything. Next thing you know they turn up the volume…

Now you can’t even hear yourself think either.

All in all, not a lot of communication going on, is there? We have to get rid of all this extraneous noise.

Communication and expression is a two way thing.

Let us take a break from our daily routine and do as follows.

Notice the change of the seasons – the current fashions – the birds flying by – how rain runs down in rivulets down the window – and then… talk to the people around you.

You could even try doing something outrageous to complete strangers… smile.

Not a grimmacing, it’s too early to smile type smile either. Make it a genuine smile, a real hello smile.

This is not as dangerous as it sounds.

Yes, we know. If you listen to the news and read the papers, all those other people out there are murderers, muggers, rapists, perverts, terrorists, burglars and bandits etc.

We learn to live in fear of each other.

Believe it or not though, most people are just normal, ordinary, salt of the earth, decent folk like you.

There is a saying – ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’, and it’s so true. A smile is a real blessing to people.

In this day and age too many people seem to walk around with armor on. Almost needing credit checks and police protection before they can actually feel safe enough to talk to someone.

Well, we don’t.

A stranger is a new friend in the making to us. We smile and actually talk with people we don’t know, yes really.

We trust our instincts and intuitions.

Sure, some people are not to our liking. We don’t vibrate at the same level… we’re not on the same wave length, as it were.

But that’s not to say that a few moments quiet conversation won’t be helpful to us all.

You see, the throat center is where we discover how to ‘speak our truth’, but most of it is silent communication. In the stillness we are not only able to hear other people, but ourselves too.

The throat is between the head and the heart – between heaven and earth.

The 3rd eye and crown chakras are our spiritual centers – the above.

Our other five centers are our physical centers – the below.

Our throat is the meeting point, where we can speak out our inner thoughts… blend the inner and the outer… the above with the below.

Heaven with Earth.

When someone talks, listen to the words and also the silences. What was not said is important too.

Feel the emotion of what was said – what feeling did it provoke in you? What response?

Trust your gut feeling… that still small voice inside of you.

Less is definitely more when it comes to talking and expressing yourself.

This is true communication.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Speak only when you have something to say.

Can Reiki help here?

It can most certainly help with any anxiety you may have to be heard – to be taken notice of – to have your opinion count.

Try this.

Take a small blank card, like a business card, and write the word ‘smile’ on one side. On the other side draw the Usui Reiki Master symbol, for the fifth chakra.

Keep it to hand all day long.

When someone addresses you – smile – be as silent as you can.


Make all the right noises – oh, ahh, mmmm… nod your head knowingly, smile, frown, raise your eyebrows etc.

But continue to listen, yes, to listen… not hear. Everyone hears but few really listen – you be an exception.

If you have to make a reply, think carefully – your words have power – words are thoughts made manifest.

So, hold your card and silently chant the symbols name three times – and when you speak, speak your truth – feel your power – own your power.

Communicate your truth – say what you mean and mean what you say.

Now, try giving up reading newspapers and watching TV for good.

Instead, communicate with your world, inside and out. But always be clear in what you are saying, don’t ever be vague


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