Activate Your Solar Plexus by Reiki


Giving and Receiving.

And this chakra, your third level, resonates to the color yellow.

Now, as with your first and second chakras, this center can also be energised with color. So wearing yellow is great. Not a dull yellow like mustard but a nice vibrant sunshine yellow…

In fact allowing the sun itself to shine on this area is extremely beneficial.

Yes, and you’re probably ahead of us by now, yellow foods are good too. Yellow peppers, lemons, bananas, grapefruit, sweetcorn etc.

Where is this chakra? Well…

Once again we’re going to be general in our indications of where it lies… and this is quite deliberate. We don’t want you getting unnecessarily caught up in the need to be precise.


For, you see…

These energy centers are not really a part of the physical body. They exist only in the etheric… precision, therefore, is not required.

Your intention to connect with them, is all that is necessary.

However, as a rough guide. Make a fist with your thumb sticking straight out across the top of your index finger. Lay your clenched fist flat against you chest and allow the top of your thumb to nestle in the notch at the base of your breast bone. The body of your fist is now in the general area.

Okay then, this third chakra is your gathering center which responds to the Distance symbol. And…

If you’ve ever had a shock – perhaps being told a close relative has suddenly died or you’ve been witness to an accident – you’ll know exactly where it is…

Because on hearing the news or seeing the trauma, it’s like a great canon ball thuds right into this area, simultaneously taking the wind right out of you, and flooding your system with emotion.

Have you ever experienced this?

If you have, you won’t need telling what a powerful receiver of energy this third chakra is… you’ll already know. But it is not just a receiver it’s also a grand transmitter of energy too.

So, balance here is essential… for as you give, so you really do receive… and sometimes very quickly.

Understanding the characteristics of this chakra then, allows you to see, quite clearly, how important it is to nurture the first two of your seven energy centers.

Because if you haven’t given to yourself first, then you won’t have anything to give to others…

The pot will be empty. So…

You must practice giving to number one – YOU – first.

Now don’t go getting all funny on us here. We don’t want you thinking… “No this isn’t right… it’s better to give, than to receive”…

For how can it be? It has to be equally good to do both.

If someone gives you a gift and you say, “Oh no, I couldn’t possibly accept”, and then refuse to take it. How do you think the giver of the gift feels?

It’s very limiting if you live only to give and not receive. Where on earth’s the balance in this way of being?

There is none. And you have to have balance in all things.

So let’s take a look at what you are giving out in your life right now… let’s look in the magic mirror.

Because – YOU – will be reflected back in everything that surrounds you in your world today.

That’s right. Everything you see when you open your eyes, is YOU.

You’ll see what you really think of yourself… what you really feel you deserve… what you really feel you are worth.

If you’ve settled for a job that doesn’t challenge and motivate you – perhaps it’s just pulling a lever all day – but it pays the rent.

Then that’s exactly what life will reflect back to you…

A life that doesn’t stretch you – bores you to death – in a house that’s adequate – but isn’t really what you want. Surrounded, most likely, with mediocre friends who don’t challenge or stretch you either.

Now remember –

You are living the life you’ve got right now, because you are the one who chose it… No one else did.

It must, therefore, be exactly as you want it to be.

So, if you’re now feeling it isn’t… then perhaps it’s time to change it. Yes, we know it may not be easy, but it is simple.

Start by deciding what you really, really want from life…

Do you want to receive more money?… then give more money to others. Do you want more love in your life?… then decide to give more love to others. Do you want more happiness in your life?… then give more happiness to others.

Now, as we just said… we know it isn’t easy… but it is simple. Simply choose and decide to give to receive. Then –

Lie or sit comfortably and, activating your palms with the Distance Reiki symbol, place one had over the other on your third chakra and run the energy.

Intend to give more – intend to receive more… and so it will be.

Can you see how it works yet?

Everything, everything, EVERYTHING reflects back to you what you give out through your feelings.

If you are putting out the feelings of being a failure, guess what’s going to be reflected back to you?

On the other hand if you are feeling successful… what’s going to come back?

You’ve got it – success, success, SUCCESS.

It can be no other way. Cause and effect – whatever you put out, comes back to you… with interest added on.

So please look into your magic mirror… your magic mirror called LIFE.

Yes, really. Do it now.

Check it out, check it all out… your life, your work, your income, your home, your relationships, vacations, car, clothes, kids.

It’s a true reflection of how you feel about yourself right now… the outer reflects the inner.

Is this reflection of your life truly the one you want it to be? Only you know the answer, and you must remember…

You can have, be and do anything you choose in life… anything.

So don’t settle for second best, choose wisely…

And use Reiki. It makes you more of who you are.


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